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Hydrophobic terminal dispute of constant danger, the life that can affect a patient is safe, and hydrophobic be to cannot treat recover from an illness at present, can undertake controlling through medicaments only. Hydrophobic terminal meeting is shown fear water, be afraid of wind and wait madly, what because hydrophobic virus is,pass control patient is neurological, next the patient appears the appearance with a few unusual nerve, also can show with quite same characteristics, at that time fit is very terrible.

Symptom of hydrophobic terminal what

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Hydrophobic patient, in clinical on can have particularity symptom, fear the water, convulsion that is afraid of wind, guttural flesh for instance, of intermittence break down. A few patient still can appear touched, the needle is acoustical shriek, for instance strange cry, very serious when, the likelihood appears bump, bite a person to wait for these unusual action. Of course, these behavior may arrive, come on very apparent when just have.

Inchoate often behave to fear water, be afraid of wind, terminal ability can appear to break down all over, blood pressure drops, pupil comes loose big, mind is not clear, hydrophobic inchoate and main it is preclinical. Before excited symptom of the patient appears, great majority has sometimes low heat, inappetence, disgusting, do not have interest all over, resembleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The symptom like the cold. Do not have particularity symptom possibly in those days, cannot undertake diagnostic according to this kind of symptom, but slowly he begins to appear other symptom, exciting to audio patient is can scared, for instance fretful, slowly inchoate later,

Symptom of hydrophobic terminal what

The patient enters excitement period slowly, the symptom of excitement period may be very apparent, had compared relatively at this moment diagnose.

Patient expression is exceeding horror, fear water, special be afraid of1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Wind, it is difficult that expression is met for difficulty of convulsion, breath, micturition, defecate, the patient is met dribble. Some person performance are dribble, some person performance are not dribble, spit saliva however, he keeps spitting, a lot of water are secreted in the mouth, but he won’t be swallowed, he keeps spitting.

Fearing water still is hydrophobic a few special expression, clinical go up to pour water by in the patient sometimes, he can have the show effect of convulsion, the patient hears the sound of water, water, voice of running water, very serious even when, mention water can cause the patient’s serious guttural flesh spasm, serious when the jerk that can cause systemic sex, resemble epilepsy same.

Symptom of hydrophobic terminal what

To finally, the patient is entered terminal or exhaustion period, paralytic period, the patient’s convulsion also stopped, slowly quiet, this kind of condition, he is not true quiet, treatLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Healed, the patient is met slowly insensible, limbs breaks down, eye flesh, face flesh, masticatory flesh,

All nerve and muscle are met be put into trouble.

The patient’s mouth also cannot be shut, facial lack expression, generalShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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For, persistent time is 6 ~ 18 hours, from come on to him final death surpasses a week rarely, basically be in a week, because breathe exhaustion of exhaustion, heart failure, loop,wait and die.

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