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The happening of tympanitis is mostly give priority to with the child, this need parents notice to watch the child’s show more at ordinary times, discover tympanitis must be treated in time, can cause a variety of complication otherwise, is tympanitis commonly used what does medicaments have? When producing tympanitis much with local give priority to with medicine, give priority to medicine of diminish inflammation of profess to convinced to be with daub deputy, specific use how many dosage even the body circumstance according to everybody, listen to the doctor’s proposal.

Tympanitis is commonly used medicine

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1, children tympanitis with local give priority to with medicine

Suppurate stops, inside ear completely dry hind perforative may self-healing, feasible tympanic membrane repairs the person that perforation does not heal art or tympanic figuration art. Local with medicine, need to choose medicaments according to circumstance of distinct pathological change:

(Hyperaemia of 1) tympanic mucous membrane, oedema, when have purulent liquid or sticking pus, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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With antibiotic aqueous solution or antibiotic and steroid hormone kind medicaments mixed liquor, be like cortisone of 0.25% chloromycetin fluid, chloromycetin fluid of element of fluid of fluid, element of 3% clean mildew, 1% the rhizome of Chinese goldthread.

(Inflammation of 2) mucous membrane gradually subsidise, purulent fluid is few, oedema of eardrum mucous membrane, damp person, can use alcohol or glycerine preparation, be like glycerine of alcohol of 4% boric acid, 4% boric acid, 5% chloromycetin of 2.5 ~ glycerine.

(3) is perforative when fluid of big, pus is less, usable powder, wait like pink of boric acid pink, chloromycetin boric acid, conduce to Gan Er.

2, tympanitis is local the note that use drug

(1) wants a foundation illness, drug is used below doctor guidance ability safety is effective.

(Fluid of the pus inside external auditory meatus and eardrum antrum is cleaned first before 2) uses drug, can clean with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or boric acid water, mop is signed with cotton after clean or in order to attract implement absorb purulent fluid, just can drip medicine. Appropriate of agent of antibiotic drop ear consults the germiculture of eardrum pus fluid and medicaments are sensitive test result, choose proper remedy. Amino glucoside kind antibiotic is used at eardrum local can cause inner ear toxic, ying Shen is used or use less as far as possible. Dust appropriate is used less, dust should grain dissolves finely, easily, dosing shoulds not be much, scatter inside tympanum thin thin can. Perforative juice of small, pus is much person avoid is used, because dust can jam,punch, cloggy drainage.

Tympanitis is commonly used medicine

Children is each model the good hair crowd of tympanitis, because children is inenarrable,the demote below audition is behaved, clinical go up to often leak easily examine and by accident examine, the family member is ignored easily also, the chronic tympanitis that turns easily to be treated hard to compare, because this ought to take the understanding of pair of children tympanitis and popular science seriously.

How is children tympanitis caused

Because eardrum place gets,the reason that has tympanitis is mostly sex of coccus of golden yellow grape, second hemolysis is streptococcic wait for bacterium or virus infection to cause with pneumonic diplococcus, pathogen and secretion rouse a canal very easily to enter eardrum to cause phlogistic sex pathological change through pharynx, common is to happen between the darling of 6 months and children of 7 years old. Tympanitis can happen in a side ear, yi Ke is coinstantaneous in two side ear. The reason that has tympanitis is specific for:

1, respiratory tract and infection of nose pharynx ministry: Contract the disease such as the respiratory tract such as cold, rhinitis, pharyngitis and nose pharynx ministry when children when, and certain contagion if the bacterial virus such as hives, scarlatina, flu can pass respiratory tract to wait enter system inside, constant regular meeting causes the secretion increase of nose pharynx ministry, put in a large number of bacteria when nose pharynx ministry when, these pathogen enter ear ministry very easily.

There is the conduit of an inclined travel between ear and pharynx ministry, say pharynx rouses a canal on medicine, the pharynx beat canal of children and adult are different, it has short, smooth, wide characteristic, and pharynx beats tubal way show a level almost, the fluid account other people of ministry of so nose pharynx is roused more easily via pharynxLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The canal enters eardrum, no less, after children has a cold, because the bacterium is affected, add forcibly blow is nose, stimulation rouses a canal to pharynx, pathogen rouses a canal easily to enter eardrum to cause tympanitis via pharynx, notice Chun Dong is seasonal especially the precaution to children tympanitis.

When 3-6 year old after the nursery school on children, live in collective environment, or when what children is in the feculent environment such as ventilated and smoking, bad, dirty, swimming-pool is public, parents also should add an attention more, because these are public,the opportunity that allows the child to contact cold bacteria or virus increases greatly greatlyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, the bacteria wait for a way easily to enter children respiratory tract through nose, pharynx, laryngeal, make the possibility of children head cold also can increase, cause eardrum pharynx to rouse tubal infection thereby, cause tympanitis.

Tympanitis is commonly used medicine

2, the baby nurses undeserved: If infantile lie low is worn,drink water, drink a milk, water or grandma can flow to nose pharynx direction1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Into, enter pharynx to rouse a canal thereby, bring about pharynx to rouse a canal to suffer infection, have the risk that causes tympanitis. So, when darling drinks grandma or other beverage, want the head drive up him a few, give him to erase pours out of effluent water or be suckled at any time.

3, auricle spreads: Have a few mother drawing out to children pick ears, although very keep one’s eyes peeled, but the disturbed classify of children injured the likelihood not carefully mucous membrane of external auditory meatus or tympanic membrane, bring about the secretion in ear to enter eardrum thereby, these secretion contain not little bacterium, make eardrum is affected, spread likely also to eardrum happening inflammation. Actually, the secretion in ear is like cerumen to wait to have particular protective function to ear, if fruit is really too much, when mom draw out ear to children, attention is spent, when children is quiet, the autograph that use cotton in ear the gently wipe on the edge can.

4, cure interrupts: The symptom after normally acute tympanitis was taking drug a few days can get alleviating disappearing even, at this momentLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Do not think according to oneself judgement children is already good, stop to take medicine and be treated. Midway stops treatment is acute tympanitis do not turn for a long time even more for one of chronic reasons.

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