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Cent is a lot of kinds nettle rash, labour finds someone hives and pressureA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Sexual urticaria, the process that treats nettle rash is very difficult, because it can turn over recrudesce to make, pressure sexForum of Shanghai night net

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Nettle rash and other disease are different, be sure to keep in mind not to feel affected part with the hand, can produce bacterial infection otherwise, cause what bedding face accumulates to diffuse, and not easy subsidise, affected part is cleaned before sleeping in the evening everyday, do not wear fiber dress, wear the clothings of pure cotton as far as possible.

 How is pressure sex urticaria treated

Phenomenon of oppressive sex urticaria is: Scratch with the hand catch or use blunt implement had delimited after the skin, edge nick produces strip apophysis, companion has Sao to itch, before long subsidise. Can happen alone or send with nettle rash companion. Can happen at any ages. The hair cause of disease that Chang Moming shows because, also but by medicaments (especially penicillin) cause. Also have think as corpulent as the skin cell exists some kind of function is unusual about.

 How is pressure sex urticaria treated

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is treated

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats oppressive sex urticaria, very much when having treatment patient needs a rootShanghai Long Feng forum

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Undertake according to using medical response medicaments is adjusted. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats oppressive sex urticaria, the constitution that needs to use medicine to still need to combine a patient according to the patient’s symptom not only when using drug has the choice of medicaments, use medicine to just can get best remedial result inside the shortest time to disease only, let a patient can get inside very short time best symptom alleviates. Having treatment while the patient needs to undertake adjustment to his food and habits and customs, thisLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Appearance ability gets very good cure result quite.

 How is pressure sex urticaria treated

Remedial notice

Oppressive sex urticaria leather damage expands rarely the place beyond press press. If use big toe and forefinger to squeeze the skin, the skin can present outward appearance of tangerine skin appearance, show skin deep has oedema. Group of most patient wind has urticant feeling, still can have burn keenly feel of painful, burn, thorn, see Yu Zhibu and head skin damage more especially. Self-conscious symptom weight is differ, oedema of deep of some patients skin affects the joint near and muscle, can have acuteness ache and unwell. So treat oppressive sex urticaria how scientificly. The patient should notice to observe allergen at ordinary times, if discover some is planted when food or drug allergy, should instantly out of service, right doubtful send quick should avoid to contact as far as possible formerly. Cut1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Short fingernail, do not scratch forcibly catch, can cause leather damage otherwise marked increase, sao is urticant acuteness. Having treatment while the patient can undertake according to his circumstance the medicaments of specific aim is used, this pair of effective pathogenies when can protecting patient cutaneous to be the same as so have treatment.

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