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Daydreaming is a kind of very normal phenomenon. This is cerebrum what arise when entering deepness dormancy is video, each person can make a lot of dreams in the late evening, just the dream that people can remember has only or two. After still some of person woke even, a dream also does not remember. Daydream too much person may be neurasthenic bring about. So what reason is child much dream?

Child much dream is what reason

The dream is normal physiology phenomenon, much dream and deep Morpheus period time is short, quality of insufficient, Morpheus has Morpheus depth not high affinity, much dream is not to daydream the grow in quantity of the frequency, be opposite however the remembers a time addition of the dream, cause insomnia finally. Modern medicine will explain, neurasthenic, a large number of mental work cause cranial nerve excitement excessive, sleep appearance is incorrect, the influence of insomnious disease also can bring about much dream.

Child much dream is what reason

Preliminary diagnosing is irascibility be caused by, but do not eliminate other possibility. Can drink bit of my son to the child 7 stars tea, boiled water take medicine with water, 7 grams, a day 3, the cycle that use drug is 1 day, if take the circumstance after medicine to still do not have a change, be about to undertake seeing a doctor to hospital ophthalmology.

Dot perspires is very normal phenomenon, because of children sweat gland relatively develop, sweat gland is secreted by plant nerve (vagus) control, after be asleep, vagus excitement is brought about perspire much, general with the head, facial perspire for many, but can alleviate inside 9 hours after sleeping. If sleep hind perspire all the time, andForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The amount is larger, it is sex of plant nerve function likely disorder, the part may be the be caused by that be short of calcium. Love an activity with the child additionally, the activity measures what perspire easily also usually greatly.

Child much dream is what reason

Estimation is suffer from excessive internal heat, at ordinary times the sanitation that mom needs to notice child eye certainly, often should bask to what brush the towel and so on that the face uses for instance or iron with boiled waterSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Come the eye that antiseptic; does not want to brush the child with the hand at ordinary times. Also want to prevent the child to often rub an eye with little hand of course. If discover child eye has a problem, need sees a doctor eye driving a point is officinal, procrastinating. ThanForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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If use erythromycin eye ointment to giveShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The child, the effectForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Quite good.

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