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Article introduction

The appearance that pectoral outline abnormal is outline pointing to a bosom is existing unusual, also be a kind of commonner symptom. Pectoral outline is unbalanced to the patient, still havingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Of bigger impact. Of course, pectoral outline deformation also is having regular correctional method, if be deformation of longitudinal bosom outline, so correctional rise difficulty also can be compared a few smaller. Below, the correctional relevant knowledge that introduces pectoral outline deformation in detail for everybody!

 Spend pectoral outline deformation gently

One, overview

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Outline deformation is condition of profile pointing to a bosom, size happening apparent change, cause rightLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Say gender or configuration of asymmetry bosom outline are unusual. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Can bring about by a priori or acquired element, also but by genetic, hidebound wait for a reason to cause.

2, common cause

Pectoral wall disease: Cartilage of costal fracture, costal region tumour of wall of phlogistic, bosom. Pleural disease: Pleurisy of sex of chronic n/med tuberculosis, diffuse tumour of the skin between sexual pleura. Respiratory system disease: Chronic asthma of bronchitic, bronchus, lung not piece wait. Circulatory system disease: Fluid of aorta tumour, pericardium accumulating, shrink narrow sexual pericarditis. Nutrition lacks a disease: Sex of vitamin D lack is rachitic wait.

3, medical

Inspect examine: Before the heartLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The district is local Peng grand, even the heart is bare, much clew is congenital heart disease; Cartilage of infantile period costal region is shown ” a string of beads ” shape expand, much clew lacks a gender for vitamin D rachitic.

 Spend pectoral outline deformation gently

4, differentiate diagnose

Pectoral outline deformation is right the athletic function of heart lungs has bigger effect, reason should as soon as possible is diagnosed, handle in time formerSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Come on, restore the normal motion function of heart lungs.

Diameter of around of outline of 1. emphysema bosom increases more apparent, show tubbish, costal region clearance is added wide, auscultatory heart sounds is distant, breathing sound is abate. Have a bosom more the symptom such as hurried of frowsty, gas, cough. X line a visible bosom outline is full, rib walks along a flatten, heighten of two lung diaphaneity, grain of blood-vessel of lobar wild besides is fine, few and far between wait.

Diameter of around of outline of 2. rachitic bosom increases, control diameter decrescent, before breastbone dash forward, costal region cartilage and costal connect place submit nodal form intumescent, arrange up and down as a string of beads. After disease cicatrizations, stoop can leave the cave in mark that pectoral outline lower edge moves toward, can accompany rachis deformation.

 Spend pectoral outline deformation gently

Bad performance is development of a priori of 3. bosom outline the sword of sternal lower end dash forward inside defect, cartilage of two side costal region and part are costal at the same time symmetrically inward defect, pectoral outline is compressed, can cause inspiratory difficulty, form the fall inside pectoral outline gradually. The patient can have gas hurried, heart-throb, repeatedly the faint after lung infection and manual activity.

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