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It is husband grows the 1st, do not have the experience with too sufficient what, be in so when darling takes medicine, the volume that always can feed to darling is more, because consider to also be of can toxic element inside medicaments, and side effect is quite big still, so the parent can worry very much and angst, fear because the child eats dosage is too much, the influence arrives healthy, actually the sort of medicaments still has a lot of kinds, baby watchs in light of when using drug, need a few control principles.

Darling dosage eats much how to do

4 principles that infant medicaments uses

Parents is more familiar to the use method of medicaments, the child’s health has safeguard more.

Principle 1: Usage dosage wants essence of life to allow. It is the use time of medicines and chemical reagents, frequency no matter, or frequency, dosage, need parental rigor canal to accuse. Once exceed dosage, cause easily toxic, and dosage achieves curative effect not easily too less. With respect to 1 year old former infant, had better give priority to with liquid medicine, not only dosage is accurate, darling also more accept easily.

Principle 2: Doctor of use method classics affirms. Although major infant uses drug very small to the harm of intestines and stomach, in anteprandial or take after the meal all but, but specific use means still needs to affirm through the doctor, abilityShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Assure to get best curative effect, will fall to the influence of darling body at the same time lowermost limit.

Darling dosage eats much how to do

Principle 3: Do not mix operable drug as far as possible. The meeting after certain pharmaceuticals and dairy produce photograph are united in wedlock brings about medical effect to reduce, accordinglyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Do not suggest to join medicaments the edible in milkShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, in addition, grapefruit juice can make the dosage of medicaments opposite become tall, also suggest to avoid and be used.

Principle 4: Do not take medicaments by oneself. Use medicaments most avoid eats others, or remain before oneself. Even if similar symptom, but doctor of major of if it were not for, make mistake very easily also on judgement, after allLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Around pathogeny may have very big different, besides medicaments appears possibly also expire, a variety of problems such as metamorphism, do not suit to continue to use really.

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Particularly critical condition, for instance darling high fever is not retreated, had affected divine wisdom to regain consciousness, sending to the front of the hospital is diagnosed to also do not take medicaments by oneself otherwise, lest affect the doctor’s diagnosis. Especially antipyretic, can let child provisionality allay a fever only, can not allow ill recovery, if use medicaments to relapse all the time allay a fever, the liver kidney that gives the child very easily increases a burden, suggest to often be not used, still affirm the pathogeny first by the doctor, use drug to disease again next.

Darling dosage eats much how to do

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TIPS: Before taking medicine 5 are checked

(1) medicaments sort is correct.

(2) indicative have special note.

(3) whether be still the expiration period.

(4) dosage is not had whether correctly by accident.

(5) whether is adult both hands cleaned clean.

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