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The sexual life of harmonious health is right husband and wife, and to a family character, it is very importantForum of Shanghai night net

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Between this process, very much element can affect the harmony of sexual life of husband and wife directly, e.g. the female the vagina is seemed this now flabbily1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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More frequent, know and so the female can understand more a few, can help oneself shrink the method of shade.

What motion can shrink shade

The stimulation that causes when bearing make water forcibly can make the PC flesh of vaginal mouth appears contractive phenomenon. It embroil is worn the vaginal wall that does not provide contractive function originally, make it also causes systole subsequently. It is OK to hinted contractive force of the vagina is here through be not ” to shrink the means of shade ” operation obtains. 1952, when treating middleaged woman urinary incontinence applied ego exercises the method of PC flesh, before long, the patient tells a doctor stealthily to called to obtain orgasm accidentally from inside the exercise that bear make water. A woman of 56 years old still says, the climax that she achieves is the first time that she marries 30 years to come. From this, the relation of PC flesh and female orgasm, make sexology group task of a popular research.

Abroad already offerred a means that exercises PC muscle, the regulation practices twice everyday, every time each 10 minutes, in order to contract 3 seconds, loosen 3 seconds to be 1, 10 are 1 times. Still ask to extend systole and extension time gradually later (can achieve each 10 seconds to be beautiful) . Can practice by oneself in any circumstances by dayA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, because this is planted,the exercise need not know for the person. When allegedly a lot of United States women are awaiting a bus also ground of make use of every bit of time or space takes exercise. If want to get better result, should make contractive training 300 times everyday, do not calculate 300 times allegedly much. Since 80 time, abroad is faddish still a kind of exciting to the report of PC flesh therapeutics, the effect is very ideal also. Additionally one kind needs what tool of have the aid of undertakes practicing to call obstruction to train a law, the practice is complex much. Somebody points out the husband often can find the change of strength of muscle of wife PC flesh more, because this puts forward to be able to be in,make love1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Undertake contracting practicing in the process, can feedback to train the information of the effect from inside marital feeling at this moment.

If can notice the method that above place introduces and skill, use the word of these motion, to helping his shrink shade can achieve very good result, and this basically is the kind that carries movement, won’t cause other and undesirable effect naturally to his health, have the vagina that sends closely, sexual life more harmonious.

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