” wolf ” media tries those who play conference report FromSoftware to give a player is brand-new challenge book

Make by FromSoftware, the behavioral venture game that booked on March 22, 2019 to roll out ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) ” (PC/PS4/Xbox One) the reception played at those who be aimed at media reporter is being held to try inside the company together on Feburary 27. The spot prepared to be mixed almost that day the PC edition game with the same edition that finish, two when accept entertainment reporter to be able to experience game inside two hours paragraphic. Although faithful and successive from ” diabolical soul ” begin according to legend of one arteries and veins, the arteries and veins of behavioral game blood of sex of tall difficulty rich challenge, also add the element that mutual Xiao strikes pure zephyr world outlook and cavalier knife at the same time, having local color one time with past work is the greatest charm. Be about to serve game to try for everybody below play report. Try this play c上海千花网论坛

ent to be two paragraphs, it is above all from game in the begining education mode arrives the map that explores periphery of reed famous city, and use the game after passing definite plan to file, the cloister that the challenge is having beautiful red autumnal leaves ” temple of celestial being peak ” the map all round. As the wolf of player part, its host Qing Zi is abducted by the cavalier of reed name, left wrist also was chopped come down. He is under the arrangement of a certain character, be taken in the bedraggled temple face all round reed famous city, installed on the left wrist that is chopped to come down ” bear justice hand (ゅ of し of ぎ of し の び ) ” , the Qing Zi that then the wolf is taken away to rescue, taking leave the Japanese sword that grants oneself by Qing Zi ” agree bolus ” , before wanting, go challenging be attacked with Yi Shounan and famed reed famous city. The wolf serves as foothold with bedraggled cloister, want to head for famous city of targ上海夜网

et place reed, but game Xuan is not met special show destination, must want him exploration to should want to go toward where. Set everywhere on the map be called ” ghost Buddha ” picture, these use renascence and the site that travel quickly namely. The setting interval of this ghost figure of Buddha is apart from game initial stage shorter, design of feeling letting a person is very kind still, the money on at hand of the renascence after just dying and skill nod metropolis halve, the player must have psychological to have first. The wolf can be in from initial stage bear the equipment on justice hand ” hook rope ” , can be decorated to housetop or be quite thick branch, the thing that meeting occurrence circle labels is used, this ground can move after using. Have everywhere on the map can rely on to shoot hook rope to come to the ground of floating past nod, arrive through shift altitude, can move enemy dead space, find out brand-new course, perhaps regard as escape route is used, the behavioral system of game is quite stereo. From altitude the lock decides the leap after the enemy to was atttacked in the past, can apply easily showpiece can biff solves the enemy ” bear kill (つ of に ん さ ) ” . Use the mobile method that hooks a rope, it is a movement that can allow human body to feel making protagonist originally is a person that bear really, and also be action of footprint of a kind of conceal. The author is in this try play in the center, have the kind that uses the shift that hook a rope, it is successful in certain level sheer the enemy. In there are countless enemies to exist all round city, one but can produce a battle naturally to going up. Wolf place holds some to atttack a method, have take the Japanese knife on the right hand, bear justice hand Xuan with equipment leftward ” justice hand is borne ” , latter basically is ” the sword in the hand ” , ” cracker ” wait for use frequency finite, suit to be used quite diversionary and additional weapon, so nature of main charge method is the put to good use that hold a knife. On the picture besides the metric list that shows player and enemy physical strength, still have just can begin to accumulate below special condition, the name is ” system does harm ” numeric, in with the enemy should consider system does harm when deal with, can saying is the core key that makes behavioral system originally. Want to face the enemy to atttack defence of the opportunity that catch only when the battle, can rebound attack go back, cause body to do harm to the enemy. In body dry harm is accumulated completely full later, can ignore physical power metric watch amount, direct put to good use goes out bear kill. When defence rebound attack, can saying is case of of so called essence is blocked (ド of ー of ガ of ト of ジ ャ ス ) , the opportunity is not quite severe exacting, but and so called ” play a sword (パ リ ィ ) ” different, it is put to good use to succeed, the enemy also may begin to be atttacked next time immediately, cannot treat sth lightly so. And the attack pattern that meeting put to good use gives different enemy is different also of course, can rebound the opportunity of attack also can be changed along with attack. In this try in employing a process, what hold Zuo bastinado in what appear all round temple of celestial being peak is abbe, or it is to obtaining the weapon like knife of two blade Shu , still carrying the cavalier of umbrella of a paper on the head, it is hard the pattern that of essence of life grasps his to atttack an opportunity. Especially latter movem上海千花网龙凤论坛

ent is quite clever, the author is in this try in playing, connect also did not Ko, it is quite regretful really. The player also can stand to do harm to body, sufferring enemy attack, or put to good use can accumulate harm when common defense. When player body dry harm is accumulated full when, the body is met overbalance, let a player be immersed in severe crisis in the battle. Although be,won’t be borne to kill by enemy put to good use, but be in all round the enemy is numerous, below the situation that perhaps facing a strong opponent, also should be to escape hard to die. Accessary carry, enemy dry harm meets my bilateral body to be passed as time and extensive , nevertheless metric watch the rest measures speed of its extensive and physical power show direct ratio, physical power is more with respect to extensive faster, on the contrary physical strength not a long time is met only slowly extensive . Between the behavioral game that rolled out in the past with the company, hit belt running when facing a strong opponent is a very effective tactics, and return this much support system works harm to come of put to good use bear kill, increased a player the option when facing a battle. But when facing a strong opponent, want complex number of put to good use likely second bear kill ability to solve the enemy, rebound the risk when attack fails is very big also, fall in certain circumstance or take in order to hit run tactics is given priority to can compare safety. With the has a need attention thing when the enemy fights, that wants put to good use in the strong opponent namely when attack, can show come ” danger ” word earmark. This is to state the enemy will be applied showpiece cannot case blocks the attack that come down, state you must want to use Zuo avoids the action that atttacks the effect, the attack means of according to enemy, must want to make in order to fills up a pace to come respectively Zuo avoids, perhaps come in order to hop Zuo avoids wait for different method to just go. Become for example cannot the attack that case blocks is Duan Gong when attacking, that must want to undertake Zuo avoids in order to hop. If means sees ” danger ” word earmark, with respect to put to good use of a head mat pace wants Zuo to avoid if atttacking, but can have a bitter lesson. About the wolf the growing system of this player part, it is to disappear Die Koes enemy hind is desirable ” skill is nodded ” come use material of; of open skill tree will transform bear justice hand; and rely on what can obtain when the head to Ko ” the memory of the battle ( い の is remembered) . In this try play in the center, can try actually to transform the system that bears justice hand. Bear justice hand transform the job, be by the bedraggled cloister that holds the position of player foothold, the bonze of Xuan face will be in charge of transforming, but have to think by him wolf as all sorts of prop that transform material method comes to hand. Resembling is what to can discover is in on the map ” car of the sword in the hand ” , sign one’s name of path of no less than says, be after using, can let bear justice hand equipment to be able to be shot ” the sword in the hand ” justice hand bears provided material. The sword in the hand is to meet the flight prop that does bilateral face to cause harm to physical strength and body at the same time, and not be pure only use Xuan to build harm, launch attack immediately after hit the target, OK put to good use gives successive ability. Above tries the information that in employing a process, can be informed in this n上海龙凤论坛

amely, however no less than of real play process is envisaged with author in advance same, incomputable oneself died after all how many times. From be discovered by the enemy at the beginning, come from backside next an one knife is dead because barrier of bang up wood was died by enem阿爱上海同城

y discovery,; is in in conceal footprint shift because; does not know how to should Ko the enemy that supports aegis died so; is completely unmatchable, died then. The skill that like the author such everywhere can die, it is to must want the place in meeting occurrence strong opponent originally, recumbent and ceaseless attempt just has method to advance bit by bit, this also is the consistent gimmick of work of game of FromSoftware past movement. But with this making for, if find the line that can use hook rope to move, OK thrill through is specific the enemy is mobile, after justice hand is being found to bear a material in be being explored, go be being challenged to the strong opponent again. And also can choose to be able to be in when death on the spot is vivid ” bring back to life ” (rest below ghost figure of Buddha generally speaking be about to be used, in Ko continuously can use again after the enemy) , at this moment OK also cheat is cheated to death a moment ago Koed oneself enemy, should use systematic design to be able to be applied alive only extend an a lot of strategies. The protagonist that makes originally after all is not the soldier of armor of a dress, be like the bear person of swallow gently personally however, nature is can design difficulty into painstakingly want to be opposite from the front it is very difficult to be met definitely. Should this making regarding as is ” can enjoy have local color of the person that bear more, the battle provides craftsmenship more ” behavioral game just is opposite. Design of according to game will take hold a be in harmony to arrive the difficulty of advantage set can be them is special competence, plus because there is different option in amuse oneself process,exist, it is the author that suffers from for game place so, (be in at least this game is earlier) also can not abandon because of blow, enjoy the fun that challenges continuously. Let a person feel this making to really what won’t betray a player to expect is finish degree, make a person expect day of put on sale comes formally on March 22 really. Want print to give the author to try the play movie when playin新上海贵族宝贝论坛

g finally, because be the first time end, operation and enemy configuration are so unaccustomed still, a lot of error are returned so that ask authority great excuse. Although purify drops meeting ,show the share of gut additionally, but still have exploration play map, think before game put on sale the player that avoids content of game of bring into contact with wants proper motion consider please so.

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