” hunter ” before look up

 Science fiction always brings a person infinite daydream, the game of science fiction FPS that develops by the Cauldron group of Jowood subordinate ” hunter ” be in eventually after passing endless preparation 2004阿爱上海同城

January 12 days appear爱上海同城对对碰

on the market ceremoniously. A what kind of future world will it bring us? Holding this doubt in the arms we will enter new play world.

Game related a paragraph of story that produced 2044, be in this moment MARSCORP is regnant world. A mutineer that the name is Chaser all sorts of plot to prevent MARSCORP, topple this authoritarian regime, liberate the people that have a rough time what he began his hardships is itinerary.

Regard the Fps of a the first person as game, picture nature wants conspicuous. ” hunter ” so-called used a kind of 3D engine that the name is CloakNT (What’s That? ) , will look from the picture really very conspicuous, and ” DOOM3 ” also do not fall it seems that frequently ahull. To the environment depict want to become distinct, fixed article and do not say, the effect with the sort of wave crystalline light of surface of going from place to place lets a person feel exceeding bright, behave very distinctly. What also depict as to character respect is very meticulous, look from a few pieces of offerred pictures, chase after the red garment soldier that kills Chaser very meticulous (nevertheless I feel this modelling seems to prop up a day column and be as high as mix kind of style) , the battle that go up takes the body to have qualitative feeling very much.

Sound respect should be more outstanding. Sound of the rumor that you hear, water, detonation feels special bright, especially sound of enemy antemortem frightening cry. These make excellent phonic effect force the environment of battlefield true emersion is beside the player’s, if say elegant picture is 2 dimension feeling from beginning to end, so the magic power that these phonic effect can allow you to enjoy a space.

Besides above besides saying image, sound and system, still have the factor with the mainest game of a Fps, it is computer AI. Still calculate in light of Demo edition pretty good, the enemy can be concealed in shadow (e.g. remains in) wait for you to come over next flat you, when just beginning to play so, the likelihood still does not know bullet comes over from where already ” looks up at sky ” . And the enemy also is not foolish defend in sneak attack of a place you, calculated you to understand him to be in before hang which position, after waiting for your Restart, reentrance enemy waited for you to come over with respect to probable adjourn.

 In weapon respect, ” 上海同城对对碰交友社区

hunter ” the weapon that supplied more than 60 kinds chooses for Chaser, so numerous weapon should be met make those war party big breathe out satisfy a craving. Exceeding 60 kinds of weapons to be able to say is a game with the at present most weapon in Fps game, is what just do not know to you can have be there just to make up the number likely? In light of a few kinds of weapons that supply from inside Demo edition nevertheless, the expression of all sorts of weapons is very true, ballistic make also compare fact of approach Yu Zhen. Gun of hand爱上海

gun of 60 kinds of weapons, machine gun, snipe, medicinal powder play emitter of gun, shrapnel etc, be carried slowly, just must not cross-stitch work eye.

Want to make outstanding Fps game, online mode is indispensable! ” hunter ” offerred outstanding online mode, such as seizes banner contest, death contest to wait a moment, it is to cast the 爱上海同城对对碰

net first the gang warfare mode of genteel travel, the player can let go through the network one wrestle, experience the dangerous environment of prospective battlefield.

Game at the beginning, chaser (namely player) in the come to one’s senses on spacecraft of date of royal fleet Majestic when, had been one ins disorder all round, but had come without time slowly manage clear main threads of an affair, had not reacted in Chaser when coming over after all to give what job, a flock of mysterious red garment soldiers come round to chase after kill you. To make clear nitty-gritty, you must beat all menace the enemy of your life, from inside a chain of incident investigation gives his true status, make clear why can be chased after to kill. So, live only, just have an opportunity.


, is seeing the introduction above to want to experience producer of one downstream show people imagine medium prospective world? That is entered at once ” hunter ” the world.

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