Fuzhou builds perfect a gleam of to inspect cadre mechanism to be opposite nonfeasance cadre ” one ticket is overruled “

6 days, fuzhou subway a line (first phase) try operation formally, banyan city enters subway period. This times comes not easily, because all sorts of reason progress are inferior to anticipating,subway early days is built. Last year September, new main leader formulates the Fuzhou municipal Party committee that assume a post clearly, the subway builds a thing to pass the personal increase of Fuzhou citizen, wait not to rise, do not get slow, want to urge construction a bit more stoutly, a bit more quickly. Do immediately, grab get right on the job really, relevant section immediately respond to a news. After this, fuzhou subway protects quality to spell rate, a line realizes all fronts to try operation than booking time to shift to an earlier date 14 days.

The subway builds acceleration, it is the reduction that one year Fuzhou made each Fuzhou career with spirit of working in earnest in the past.

Catch the people’s livelihood to stress development namely. Since last year, fuzhou increases investment of the people’s livelihood continuously, knit close pitch the people’s livelihood to ensure a net, broken solution problem of difficulty of a batch of heat.

Since last year August, fuzhou development develops major project 100 days assault fortified positions acts, after the traffic that car爱上海同城论坛

es around people embraces a processing, calamity, rebuild, essence of life helps deficient up to wait for heat difficulty problem definitely, ceaseless Bu Qimin is unripe short board.

Last year July, ni Baite typhoon inflicts heavy losses on Fujian Qing Dynasty, always peaceful and other places. The beginning of the year end of the year, is basic necessities of life of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses ensured how?

Half an year comes, in county of the Fuzhou City two class assault fortified positions falls, the promise that restores to rebuild after calamity is cashing one by one. Cut is consummate lunar base, town of guard of bank of 3 brooks countryside, tower, province semi-annular jade pendant finishs Fujian clear county room of the cent that choose a room, always peaceful county rebuilds 610 times door already 223 move new residence, fujian clear county, always peaceful county is stricken be hit by a natu上海夜网论坛

ral adversity do not have room door to all can enter new home before the Spring Festival; Fujian is clear 37 stricken be hit by a natural adversity schools rebuild accelerate advance, will at comprehensive in Feburary complete, the consign before spring terms begins is used; Aid of 26 speak or sing alternately build上海贵族宝贝

s Fujian Qing Dynasty the project already shifted to an earlier date finishing 6,

Build comparatively well-off society in the round, cannot little. Last year November, the implementation after Hou Xian of blessing Qing Dynasty, Fujian builds archives to establish calorie of poverty door to take off deficient entirely, among them blessing quiet town shifts to an earlier date 4 years than the whole nation, shift to an earlier date 2 ye上海千花社区

ars than complete province, realize impoverished population of the country below active standard 1 year to take off deficient entirely ahead of schedule than the Fuzhou City. In the meantime, fuzhou publishs essence of life to take off deficient to implement plan definitely, essence of city finance arrangement helps deficient up definitely special fund 57.24 million yuan, build archives to establish calorie of poverty door to extend to assure without guaranty for 164 loan 7.375 million yuan, ensure the implementation end this year takes off deficient comp上海千花网交友


Assault fortified positions whether successful, the key sees a cadre whether serve as. For this, fuzhou builds perfect a gleam of to inspect cadre mechanism, dare to the moment of truth it is come out boldly, difficult to greet and on, the cadre that makes gain gives put sb新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

in a very important position, to nonfeasance cadre one ticket is overruled. Baton drive makes an on-the-spot investigation to fall in a gleam of, a batch of cadres are mixed in Wu of misfortune danger important task show itself in routine, be on main leader post, can person on, below the person that need, bad person the choose and employ persons of discard is oriented reveal with each passing day.

The Fuzhou City that the reporter kicks off from 10 days learns on conference of first time of 15 National People’s Congress, special operation development begins 100 days of assault fortified positions, finished last year tear open change five million seven hundred and eighty-three thousand nine hundred square metre, finish make the land thirty-six thousand six hundred mus, solve a problem 1562, carry fast item 223, start working project 139; Project of assault fortified positions completes investment one hundred and forty-seven billion three hundred and forty-seven million yuan, overfulfil a plan to invest number. Current, 2017 big screen pull open assault fortified positions, one batch approves a project to already started construction. (Lin Yuxi of reporter Duan Jinzhu’s reporter)

Responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin

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