Empty elder sister of Korea Gaoli aviation changes new clothes skirt to shorten (graph)

Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Gaoli aviation empty elder sister change new clothes skirt to shorten (graph) origin: ? Be not Nao?2013-11-12 11:3Edition of electron of Metropo爱上海同城对对碰

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Korea media reported Korea Gao Lihang is empty 11 days in succession the message of transhipment of through cargo of empty elder sister, think new dress can reflect female beauty more.

Original title: Transhipment of through cargo of Korea empty elder sister is brought highly praise skirt to also be compared previously slightly short (graph)

Report of 11 days says Han couplet company, regard Korea as only international airline, the message of transhipment of through ca上海夜网论坛

rgo of Gaoli aviation empty elder sister attracted everybody’s eyeball. Be engaged in technically travelling to face ” Gao Li travel agent ” was in that day its ” types of facial makeup in operas ” net only the photograph of Korea empty elder sister that the page released dress new dress.上海同城对对碰交友社区


New dress (the graph is right) with old dress (the picture上海贵族宝贝

is different) not only color is different, and more spell able, especially dress of upper part of the body does n爱上海同城手机版

ot have collar, show the cervical curve that gives a woman well, this is considered as to emphasize giving line beauty of the female. Before skirt also compares this it seems that slightly a few shorter.

The report says, hang before left bosom of empty elder sister have badge with sb on it of Jin Zheng day, and hang before right bosom have aureate ” Gao Lihang is empty ” sign. New dress is mixed in collarband, cuff decorate with needlework all round the pocket, cap of aureate and lacy illuminative lets along with the person is impressive. The word of some Korea expert weighs quote of Han couplet company, the person gives the spell able sense with philharmonic society of similar peony peak on new dress whole, tide of Korea female vogue is changing it seems that.

The analysis says, transhipment of through cargo of emp上海千花网论坛

ty elder sister is Korea likely the result that top leader Jin Zhengen gives orders personally. When Jin Zhengen will inspect smooth soil how to arrange the airport this year in July, express, personnel of Wu of machine to be taken orally (empty elder sister) dress also should ask make by the times, want to provide service of the meal inside better chance for the passenger at the same time. (Wang Gang of round-the-world times reporter)

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