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Be in Sichuan area, classics regular meeting will feed material to undertake souse will store rise, because,also be likely the geographical reason there, a lot of families have souse to feed the habit of material. And souse feeds capable person little not souse garlic. It is same that the method of souse garlic follows souse pickle and chili, flay of need general garlic, put garlic into jar next inside, join water and white sugar, the condiment such as rice vinegar, next sealed period of time is OK edible.

The souse of the head of garlic does law encyclopedia

One, bloat sweetened garlic

1, garlic can bloat with white sugar and rice vinegar mouthfeel is fragile tender sweetened garlic1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In souse when need prepares fresh garlic 3000 grams, white sugar 1500 grams, rice vinegar 1500 grams, edible salt 500 grams, the vitreous bottle that takes a top.

2, ready fresh garlic take out, outer Laopi, cut off its root and diameter entirely again, prepare right amount boiled water, move salt into weak brine, let1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In after it drops in temperature, be being put in garlic, let bigShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Garlic immerses one day overnight, water should be changed to arrive twice among.

3, after good bubble the following garlic is taken out, take out moisture, press rice vinegar and white sugar next 3:1scale is moved into sweet-and-sour water, churn a few times more with the chopstick, make white sugar is changed completely, enter it in vitreous bottle next, also put in the garlic that has handled again, sealed souse controls sweetened garlic 20 days to be able to have bloated.

The souse of the head of garlic does law encyclopedia

2, bloat sauce sweet garlic

1, fresh garlic still can join soy, souse becomes the sauce sweet garlic with ruddy colour and lustre, when souse besides want to allowForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Beyond the garlic with new equipment, prepare even comfortableA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Quantity ginger, with soy and fresh rice vinegar.

2, ready fresh garlic take out outer Laopi, next root ministry ream, the bine is cut off the rest of a centimeter or so, in the basin that puts garlic next, join clear water to immerse.

3, garlic need immerses 24 hours or so with clear water, intermediate need changes water 2 arrive 3 times, after garlic has immersed, take out should be down its cauline ministry, control the moisture content inside it entirelyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The souse of the head of garlic does law encyclopedia

4, put soy and vinegar together boil into boiler, let it drop in temperature, put small chili and ginger with garlic entirely again in loading vitreous bottle together, drop in temperature juice of the following makings is joined go in, opening sealed good, put in souse of shady and cool place, after ten days garlic can tasty becomes angry, two days take out edible flavour just in time.

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