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No matter be evaporate steamed stuffed bun or steamed bread, need to experience leaven dough process, because leaven dough is,make steamed stuffed bun and steamed bread have the important step of mouthfeel. But the process of leaven dough very complex, because it does not want to experience period of time not only, and the technique of the respect is exceedingly main also for the person to making steamed stuffed bun. Because this not little person is in evaporate steamed stuffed bun when disrelish leaven dough trouble, it is OK that can they think a face to be not sent evaporate steamed stuffed bun?

It is OK that the face is not sent evaporate steamed stuffed bun

One, the face is not sentShanghai noble baby

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Can evaporate steamed stuffed bun

The face does not send the steamed stuffed bun that evaporate comes out is unleavened dough completely, not delicious.

2, experience of steamed stuffed bun of leaven dough evaporate

1, knead dough

1) yeast: The yeast that I use is the pink of An Qi yeast that the supermarket buys. Of outfit having 5g, use rise convenient. Yeasty quantity is opposite is not absolutely, before should decide according to the temperature of leaven dough environment and speed; acerbity mother is used first in Yu Wenshui of be in harmony, quiet place environment of 5 minutes of; is cool perhaps want to be sent a few more quickly yeasty quantity is many somes OKer, flour of every 500 grams below normal temperature 5 grams are enough.

2) water measures: The how many problem of knead dough water consumption, actually this can be divided completely second put, had better ferment with Wen Shui faster. The face of the steamed bread should be mixed a few more forcedly. It is 500 grams flour normally left and right sides of 250 grams water. The face of fleshy steamed stuffed bun a little a few softer, after the bag expects into stuffing, dough of easy heal; just began to knead smooth not quite easy, butShanghai noble baby

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Shape with kneading dough on rear cover quiet place 10 minutes, cent waiting for water and flour are kneaded afresh again after sufficient confluence, can knead smooth dough very easily!

It is OK that the face is not sent evaporate steamed stuffed bun

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2, leaven dough

1) second ferment: The dough that has kneaded is put into the basin, the basin on beneficial is built or last film, undertake fermenting. To be warm when dough ferments easily. Ferment commonly to original doughy 2 times size, OK.

2) plastics: The dough teem that has sent will be put to face plate to want to be kneaded a little while more the air inside much eduction a few, the section hole after dissectioning dough is pettier and even better, knead the steamed bread green compact that come out so smoother, the steamed stuffed bun that surface of the steamed bread after evaporate comes out also has stuffing with respect to smoother; is likewise such. Then, can be placed into a pot for steaming food by the side of steamed bread of edge make it or green compact of steamed stuffed bun.

3) ferments 2 times: Before evaporate, best reentry goes 2 times to ferment, quiet in a pot for steaming food place makes an appointment with green compact 20 minutes – 30 minutes or so, the proposal does not want oversight this one pace. Pass barmy steamed bread or steamed stuffed bun 2 times, what evaporate comes out to be sure meeting comparing lacks this one pace is good. To be warm, cold water is installed in a pot for steaming food, ferment because air temperature is high easily; to be cold, hot water is installed in a pot for steaming food, more conduce to 2 times ferment.

It is OK that the face is not sent evaporate steamed stuffed bun

3, evaporate is made

The water amount that puts in a pot for steaming food is evaporate perhaps slant among shade and boiler bottom on the position of little is OK, water is too much lookA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Easy cause below the bottom of that steamed bread has been ironed by water and tacky, water can do boiler too less without enough steam and it is OK that the steamed bread can send shade of dead; evaporate to want upgrade face to pour a bit oil to be wiped with hand or brush before placing green compact; whole journey uses conflagration steam, after boiler gives vapour, begin to time, common ground the size of cooked wheaten food how manyFall in love with the sea

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And evaporate 15~20 minute. After evaporate is good, wait for 2-3 minute open a lid, can.

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