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It is different that each area has the means of noodle to be able to say, because noodle serves as one of traditional cooked wheaten food of China, it got the welcome of broad and numerous people, and method of avery kind of does a noodle mouthfeel that come meet different. And a kind of braise face is Henan area method that make a range, and braise face also is one of 10 big noodle of Chinese. And in face of the braise that make1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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in the process, the mainest is the soup juice in braise face. Concern so what to have at making the method of braise face?

How to mix braise face

1, the characteristic of braise face

Braise face, it is a kind of meat or fish, element, soup, dish, meal hold concurrently and have Henan tradition cate, in order to taste delicious, economic material benefit, be famous in Central Plains, pervade the whole nation. Braise face is with high grade tall muscle flour is raw material, complementary reach a variety of matching with soup-stock dish, one sort is like the cooked wheaten food of wide noodle. Shang Hao gluten, nutrition is tall. Have1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
The much sort such as face of face of hotpot braise face, 3 fresh vegetables and water, 5 fresh vegetables and water.

The elite of braise face depends on soup completely, soup uses character of classy tender hotpot, sheepShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
(Cleavage, showForum of Shanghai night net

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The marrow among) boil 5 hours above together, roll Bao of reoccupy small fire suddenly with conflagration first, issue 78 flavour Chinese traditional medicine among them, bone oil is boiled came out, the Shang Bai that Bao comes out shines in vain, like liking bovine milk, so someone cries Bai Shang. Below when, former juice broth is put inside boiler, play the side thin into boiler, complementary makings with kelp silk, bean curd silk, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Egg of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, caraway, quail, holothurianLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, the squid, go up the saucer such as oil of caraway of the besides when the desk, chili, sweetened garlic. Braise face is 3 size eat Henan one of.

How to mix braise face

2, desolate remembers face of 3 fresh vegetables and water

The river of grand of father a surname of face of Xiao Ji braise is the master worker that restaurant of Zhengzhou state-operated Changchun makes range of Yi government office formerly, there are two sons to leave after retiring had braise noodle shop. He does not have the color of hotpot braise surface of follow tradition, found inspiration from inside the face of Yi government office of own expert however, in will tasting the holothurian, squid with high value of delicious, nutrition adds hotpot braise area, say for face of 3 fresh vegetables and water.

How to mix braise face

3, make rich Feng Yuanzi fills braise face

The characteristic of face of braise of abundant abundant source is especially thick Bai Shang, flavour alcohol is sweet extremely and without any additive; joined the angelica, Chinese traditional medicine such as medlar composition, have certain nourishing effect, and flavour also likes for a lot of people.

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