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Agaric is a kind of health care feeds capable person, belong to true fungus feed capable person, agaric includes a lot of sort, for instance Yun Er, tremella, the sort such as black agaric, agaric can improve constipation, have the effect of clear lung to lung, agaric still can enrich the blood, improve disease of heart head blood-vessel, agaric has a lot of kinds of ways, an edible fungus that when can having, has become sends suffering, how is agaric suffering to return a responsibility? Next we look.

How is agaric suffering to return a responsibility?

One. How is agaric suffering to return a responsibility?

Agaric must bubble is enough 12 hours of above, otherwise bubble does not open bubble not to come loose, hearing have little acerbity, wait for the meeting after making food to have small pain, but ate to won’t have what thing.

2. Did black agaric bubble become long poisonous?

Black agaric bubble became long meeting generation toxicant is qualitative. The sensitive Bu that place of black agaric itself contains material works in treatment had been destroyed in the process that control, although bubble is nigrescent agaric, can not produce any harms to human body again, the reason depends on the process that bubble sends, bubble is nigrescent agaric shoulds not be too long, immerse for long can bring about many bacterial breed, this moment again edible these black agaric, had been putrefaction, natural meeting causes bromatoxism. After using light person vomit1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Spit diarrhoea, the person that weigh can cause much organ exhaustion. So people is in edible black agaric when, should have how many bubble how many, do not want bubble a lot of, if immerse,time grows quite, should notice for many times to change water among. After edible black agaric, if have any unwell, should timely seek medical advice, not due and fluky psychology.

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3. How long is black agaric bubble met poisonous?

General agaric bubble sends time more than 8 hours, the bacterium that contains among them already far over original bacterium measure, this moment should consider to avoid to eat this agaric. Actually, although be dry,make in the agaric that often eats in the home, but bubble hair rises also is very convenient. Below normal circumstance, with hair of normal temperature bleb, most a hour can be finished, of course, if forgot when bubble hair, ability wants to eat after a few days, that is right healthy very adverse, had better not eat, lest toxic. Be worth day of summertime high temperature now, the rate with degenerative agaric is very rapid, when bubble sends time more than 8 hours, the bacterium that degenerative place brings about can rise to ten times even a few times, make toxin very likely.

Is agaric suffering how to return a responsibility?

For better bubble is nigrescent agaric, little box of be bailed out, amid puts right amount black agaric, enter right amount warm boiled water again, lid lid is sealed, such 3-5 after minute, agaric can bubble is good. Still can enter a few starch when bubble is sent, when clean, can help the bilge that cleans agaric to go up.

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Be helpful for the generation of bacterial breed and toxin.

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4. Ate long how does the black agaric of bubble do

If be to did not take care to take food already bubble long agaric, the body does not have the unwell moment such as occurrence vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea to need not worry too commonly, contrary, if was to appear vomiting, diarrhoea unwell must timely seek medical advice has treatment, should know serious may cause viscera exhaustion, minatory life is safe.

Is agaric suffering how to return a responsibility?

5. How to install total eclipse to use black agaric

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So Where is our how should safe edible agaric?

1. uses cold water (winter can use Wen Shui) bubble hair. Pass 3 ~ 4 hours immerse, water permeates agaric slowly in, agaric restores to be namely to translucent shape again hair is good. The agaric that such bubble send, not only quantitative increase, and quality is good. It is OK to use cold water nigrify agaric bubble sends the 3.5 ~ to former bulk 4.5 times; If use Wen Shui, can bubble hair comes 2.5 ~ 3.5 times. To the bubble hair of tremella, also appropriate uses this kind of method.

2. the agaric that we still can cook preparation, immerse in the rice water that heating Leng Liang, the agaric that such bubble send more appear hypertrophy, loose, and flavour is delicious also. If agaric is dirtier, can use a few that feed vinegar first before bubble is sent, add a few salt again, after the rub that use a hand is washed clean again bubble hair.

The agaric with good 3. should be: Weight light, ear piece area of moderate of complete, size, ear is black Brown, haveA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Shining feeling, carry dark gray on the back. Lacklustre for second. Hear nasally, the mouth is tasted, without peculiar smell. Grasped sound is clear, difficult to handle, bouncy, not broken had better; Those who grasp is breathed, not difficult to handle or difficult to handle are brittle for second.

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