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Estrogen is a kind of hormone that exists inside human body, it and be closely bound up of human body health. Of course, feminine estrogen is more, and the estrogen inside the man’s body is less, this is one of distinction of man and woman. Of course, the estrogen inside the system that there are a few women in the life is less, because ofShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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This need complements in time. So the issue came, what does estrogen food have?

What does estrogen food have?

1, can complement through food female hormone, basically have fresh royal jelly, inferior1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hemp seed, corn, certain herbaceous plants with big flowersShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Spend the food such as seed, sesame seed, onion, bishop, peanut butter, also contain the estrogen of certain amount, the lady that suggests to love the United States can be in the life much edible.

2, the place in soya bean and bean products contains many plant estrogen, be being treated and prevent lacteal cancer squareFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The face acts important role, crucial place is, soya bean meets those who alter the hormone inside body secrete. Clinical medicine has research to show, soya bean and bean products have the effect that balances the estrogen inside body, become when the estrogen inside body is too low, soya bean or bean products can make it increases, but become when estrogen is too tall, soya bean or bean products also can make it decreases.

What does estrogen food have?

3, vitamin D and hormone have definite correlation, gotten vitamin D content heals tall, breast cancer mortality heals low. Because of vitamin D the loop in blood gives female airframe the protection with certain level, can prevent the happening of breast cancer and hairA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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At food, wait like milk and fish. Woman, if everyday edible 1 cup of milk and 500 grams fish, hold to for a long time, can have the effect that balances to recuperation estrogen.

What does estrogen food have?

4, the food that contains a lot ofselenium and zinc also has special effect to balancing estrogen. Selenium can prevent carcinogen and union of ribonucleic acid of normal cell to oxigenate, rise to control the function of cancer cell happening thereby, a variety of cancer of different to human body position have zinc stronger inhibition. The vegetable that contain selenium has the; such as shepherd’s purse, garlic, Xianggu mushroom, tomato, pumpkin to contain zincic food to ostracean, blueness spends fish, eel, kelp, legume, sesame seed, Hu Tao to wait, contain zinc ostraceanly to measure among them particularly considerable.

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